Here you find a list of ex ordnance & surplus products that can be found around the world, a list of what  we look for and sometimes is available.

This is only a "reference list" to make the search of an item easier.

It doesn't contain any information about availability therefore there is no possibility to place orders .


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  To ease the search of items the catalog is divided by nation. Within each nation there are 4 sections:  
  • LONG GUNS (rifles, carbines, musquets)
  • SHORT GUNS (pistols, revolvers)
  • ACCESSORIES (all the accessories of that nation)
  Click on the thumbnail to see the enlarged picture and  the eventual informations about the item.  
  In the first column you can find our ITEM NUMBER.  
  The  column "CATALOGO NAZIONALE (Only for Italy)" is used only in Italy and it has no meaning abroad.  
  It is filled only for the weapons, not for bayonets and accessories.  
  It contains the ITALIAN CATALOG NUMBER: the number assigned in Italy by the government to each weapon approved for civilian use.  
  All these weapons must be submitted to an overcharged proof test according to CIP standards before their use. After the proof the CATALOG NUMBER must be marked on the receiver.  
  If in the column appear ANT (ANTIQUE) it means the weapon is a pre 1890 model and doesnít need to be submitted to the overcharged proof test.  
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