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In the last thirty years, Euroarms of America has become one of the largest suppliers of black powder firearms and accessories in the United States. It has become apparent that the shooting public has accepted our method of distribution. Your local dealer has been and will continue to be, the source of our products. He, in turn, is serviced by an ever-growing system of our distributors throughout the country.The above is not to mean that you do not have direct contact with us. We have solicited shooters' comments in the past and will continue to do so. We are grateful for these comments and request, as they have resulted in improvements in our products.

Of these products, our Roger & Spencer revolvers have met with wide spread acceptance. They now appear in the hands of top shooters in the North-South Skirmish Association, the Civil War Skirmish Association, the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, and even the International Muzzleloading team.
The Roger & Spencer line has been expanded to now include the brand new London Gray model. This revolver features a brushed satin finish. Also, in this line is the R & S Target Model which is being utilized more and more by the nation's precision shooters. Our London Armory Company series of Enfields have proven themselves against all comers in minie ball matches
For all the above, we wish to thank you for your support. You are making it happen.