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Enfield Rifle Musket

The Enfield Rifle Musket markets the peak in design and manufacture of the military percussion rifle.  This model and all the Enfield based models in the Black Powder range has been meticulously reproduced by Euroarms Italia based on the original gauges and patterns of the late 19th century. It is acknowledged that the Euroarms Enfield and .451 calibre rifles are the finest reproductions available today. The 1853 specification includes a well seasoned solid Walnut Stock, cold forget steel barrel, cast brass furniture, and locks which are beautifully colour hardened by the original bone charcoal technique..

Three Band Calibre: .577"
Barrel Length: 39"
Overall Length: 55"
Weight: 9lbs (approx).
Rifling: 3-groove.
1 in 78" twist
Sights: rear sight graduated to 900 yards, front sight fixed
Enfield Naval Pattern Rifle

Developed for the British Admiralty in the late 1850's this unique rifle has a heavier 5-grooved barrel. The heavier barrel was needed to withstand the leverage of a naval cutlass bayonet but also was found to contribute to improved accuracy. In our recreation of this famous naval rifle we referred to the original 1858 two-band Enfield kept in the Tower of London and faithfully followed the original specification. Our reproduction 1858 has consistently won top honours in military rifle competitions in countries all over the world. It currently holds the worlds record with ninety nine points and took four out of seven top places in the European Championships in 1988.

Naval Rifle pattern 1858 two band.
Calibre: .577"
Barrel Length: 33" 
Overall Length: 48 1/2"
Weight: 8lb 8 oz (approx).
Stock: Seasoned Walnut with solid brass furniture.
Barrel: 5 grooves  1 in 66" twist
Sights: rear sight graduated to 900 yards, front sight fixed.
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Enfield Artillery Carbine 'Musketoon'

The Enfield Artillery Carbine was one of the most coveted weapons of the 1860's. Its amazing accuracy and advanced design gave a superior performance over all the other rifles used in the American Civil War. Today, an original Artillery Carbine  'Musketoon'  is a rare and valuable weapon. Euroarms have recreated the 1861 Artillery Carbine using the unique sealed pattern and original gauges to complete authenticity. Only the finest materials are employed throughout each stage of manufacture 

Artillery Carbine two band.
Calibre: .577"
Barrel Length: 24"
Overall Length: 40 1/4"
Weight: 7lb 8 oz (approx).
Stock: Seasoned Walnut with solid brass furniture.
Barrel: 5 grooves 1 in 48" twist
Sights: rear sight graduated to 600 yards, front sight fixed.